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Mindfully Made

Sustainably grown & Produced

Sunny is mindfully made in a way that’s good for the world we share. Sunny is sustainably grown and produced from our family’s estate vineyards in Monterey, California (Big Little Lies vibes).

Coastal sunshine, crisp sea breezes and a rich landscape nourish our vines with Cali goodness.

Sustainability Snapshot

Sustainable Growing

Healthy and happy vines make the best wines. We use drip irrigation throughout our vineyards to reduce water consumption, cover crops to nourish our soil with needed nutrients to keep them healthy, and natural pest methods to keep our vineyards nice and balanced.

Sustainable Winery

We minimize our impact through energy efficiency and waste reduction. 100% of our winery water is recycled to ponds and reused in our vineyards. Fun fact, we use about 50% less water than an average winery of our size.

Renewable Energy

Let’s talk about energy. Our winery is 100% powered by renewable energy from our wind turbine that stands tall in our home vineyard. Even better? Our wind turbine creates enough clean energy to share with 125 local homes in our community.


Certified California Sustainable Vineyard and Winery (California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance), GlobalG.A.P., British Retail Consortium and SIP Certified

Meet Sunny's Winemaker
Casey DiCesare, 31

Winemaking Innovator & Avid Sports Enthusiast

Spent 4 years as a celebrity personal trainer and competed as a Division 1 collegiate athlete competing in pole vault (shout out Bruins!)

A great tasting, low calorie wine that is true to variety. The only thing you’re giving up is the calories and sugar.


Finding the Sweet Spot