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Our Sunny Story

For an optimistic &
Healthy Lifestyle

Heidi Scheid and her daughter Siena enjoying a sunny moment at Coachella

Our Message

It started as an idea to create a wine that was positive in its message and provided moderation in the glass. A few years and countless taste tests later (cuz, you know, work) Sunny With a Chance of Flowers was born. Zero sugar, 85 calories per glass, low alcohol and flat-out delicious, it seems too good to be true. But like best friends, rainbows and the perfect pair of jeans, it absolutely is.

- Heidi Scheid, Executive Vice President, Scheid Family Wines & Chief Sunny Officer

A Sunny Point of View

See the glass as half full

Believe in the power of positivity

Find gratitude in “les petits bonheurs” aka the “little happinesses” - SUNNY moments in life

Take care of each other & the world we share<3

Our Promise to You

A sustainably made, zero sugar, low calorie wine with great taste and no guilt. Have your cake and eat it too.

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