Sunny FAQs

The grapes for Sunny are harvested at peak ripeness then brought to our estate winery and fermented to dryness, which means that the natural sugar present in the grapes at harvest is converted to alcohol until there is none remaining. For wine, we call this 'zero residual sugar'. Any sweetness you taste from drinking Sunny is due to the fruit and nothing but the fruit!

We're happy to report that there are no artificial sweeteners, additives, Stevia or monk fruit in our wines.

Yes! Sunny is vegan-friendly; we don't use animal-based products in the production or fining of our wines.

All Sunny wines have 85 calories per 5oz serving.That’s about 33% fewer calories than an average 5oz glass of wine with the same great taste.

Sulfites are both naturally occurring in wine and added to wine in order to maintain freshness and stability. Sunny is no exception and our wines are not sulfite-free, but we do strive for lower sulfites. We want your bottle of Sunny to taste delicious every time you pour it in your glass!

Sunny is made from certified sustainable wine grapes from our estate vineyards in the Monterey appellation of California. Sunny is mindfully made from grapes to glass in our estate winery that is 100% powered by renewable wind energy.

Yes! The carb count is slightly different for each wine and ranges from 3.3g - 4.5g per serving. You can find the carb count on the back of each label and also on this website on the Shop page under Wine Facts for each variety.

You can reach out to us at! We're available Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm PST.

Shipping FAQs

We ship to all U.S. states except for: Arkansas, Alabama, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah.

We cannot ship wine to P.O. boxes.

Yes, all delivery companies require that a person 21+ is available to sign for the package. For this reason, many people choose to use a work address.

We recommend sending it to a location where someone 21+ will be available to sign. If it's easiest, you can ship to a workplace or schedule for pickup at your local UPS location. We cannot ship wine to P.O boxes.

Unfortunately once your package is in the hands of the carrier, all redirects must be made directly through the shipping carrier.

Most orders are shipped within 2-3 business days of placing the order. Once your package is on its way to you, an email with your tracking information will be sent.

During times when freezing temperatures are possible, ground shipments are sent out based on the destination location on the following days:

East Coast: Wednesday, Thursday
Midwest: Monday only
West Coast: Monday - Wednesday

Additional Questions?

Please contact us at with any additional questions you may have.