Close up of vineyards

Mindfully Made

Sunny is mindfully made in a way that’s good for the world we share. From vine to bottle, every step of our process is gentle and carefully considered.

bundle of grapes in the vineyard
bundle of grapes in the vineyard
grape icon, step 1-in the vineyard
Step 1: In the Vineyard
We harvest the grapes for Sunny at peak ripeness then bring them to our estate winery to be made into wine.
bunches of grapes in bins
bunches of grapes in bins
grapes and wine barrel
Step 2: In the Winery
The grapes are crushed and fermented to dryness, which means the natural sugar in the grapes at harvest is converted to alcohol until there is none remaining - we call this “zero residual sugar”.
chardonnay in wine glass
chardonnay in wine glass
wine barrel
Step 3: Slow & Low
Alcohol is gently and gradually pulled from the wine using an innovative and proprietary process, resulting in a lower-alcohol wine. Zero residual sugar and lower alcohol content make Sunny low in calories as well.
wind turbine and vineyard
Certified Sustainable

Healthy and happy vines make the best wines! Sunny is certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Our estate winery in Monterey County, California, is 100% powered by wind. The 400-ft tall wind turbine provides renewable energy to our winery as well as 125 homes!

Casey Di Cesear and Heidi Scheid with a glass of Sunny
Less can be more
"Sunny is a great tasting, low calorie wine that is true to variety. The only thing you’re giving up is the calories and sugar!"
- Casey Di Cesare, Sunny Winemaker